Meet Ducky

Things to know about Ducky

  • Born in 2015.
  • Reliable and Trusted.
  • Never Sleeps.
  • Perfectionist.
10,000+ Members
Our family is over 10,000 large and quickly growing!
4 Homes Worldwide
We're increasing our real estate! We currently have homes throughout the globe in Chicago, Phoenix, Montreal, and Amsterdam.


Born in 2015, HostDucky has his eyes set on becoming not only the largest, but friendliest provider of Web Hosting Services. After past experiences with web hosts not meeting their standards, we dediced to put an end to this. We know what customers want and what it takes to form a complete Hosting Company.



HostDucky currently provides high quality shared web hosting services.
Our servers find home in Chicago, Phoenix, Montreal, and Amsterdam
All servers are energy efficient with the latest hardware.

HostDucky prides itself on the quality and reliability of our servers and support. We aim at filling in the void others don't. We'll take that extra step to ensure your satisfaction. Since we remain a fairly new company, We use this to our advantage. Being a smaller company, we're a more personal company. We will become familiar with you and you will become familiar with us! We feel this is the best way to ensure the highest customer service to our customers whom we consider family!



The Future goals of HostDucky are as simple as Hosting with us. We wish to maintain the most stable, highest quality servers, and the finest support representatives around. As we grow, maintaining the sources and technology is important to giving our clients what they desire. We will continue to provide stellar support and services, it's undeniable. We all know that with age comes wisdom. We see a lot of old ducks in our future!